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Having more weight than the one you should is probably something to be concerned about. We all have been there and let us tell you that it is not impossible to get the figure that you want. We won't lie to you; an HCG diet is not an easy task to accomplish but it'll worth every single effort that you put into it. We've seen many different people (boys and girls) who have achieved their goals and have felt great after that. We think that the must important part of following an HCG diet is basically to ask yourself if you want to do it. It is not impossible but it isn't easy. You need to be honest with yourself in order to get a great result. We are sure that you will complete every single step in the process and you will feel great with yourself after it. We are here to support your efforts. As you can see, we are not an HCG company, we are people who have used HCG drops only.

Exactly What Do I Anticipate with a HCG Diet?

It is kind of difficult to tell you exactly what are you going to get with an HCG diet since every person is different and every body has it's own metabolism. However, we can tell you that if you follow recommendations about how to eat, when to eat and what to eat, you won't have any problem in achieving your weight loss goal.

At we are committed to providing the best guidance and support for people that are convinced that they deserve a better and healthier life.  You will find free recipes of great meals that you will be able to cook really simple. We will also post testimonials of people who have started the process and are having positive results (you can also send us your testimonial so we can upload it to our site). We will also be posting relevant articles that talk about HCG diets and tips.

Our main goal is to help people that are looking for an improvement. We were there once in our lives and we know that the process is to hard to do it by yourselves. Please, email us your comments at and we'll try our best to answer promptly.

We are here for you the same way that other people helped us in our process. You can rely on this site and hopefully, you'll find all the answers that you are looking for.

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HCG remains for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. It's the hormone that is delivered by the placenta right when implantation first happens - which makes it an eminent marker of a pregnancy. Be that as it may, the purpose of hCG, its "produce" by your child, is not simply to tell you he or she is there! The natural capacity of hCG is to "tell" the corpus luteum to keep up the generation of progesterone. Progesterone warms the body and at hoisted levels will keep you from having a period. As a result, the vicinity of hCG guarantees the further creation of progesterone, and thusly the uprightness of the endometrial-uterine coating is protected (alongside your pregnancy). Period won't happen because of the dynamic communication in the middle of hCG and progesterone.

Our pregnancy tests recognize hCG at 20mIU, which is regularly the level accomplished at around a week or something like that taking after ovulation. In the event that you see a weak positive test line, re-take a test in a day or two utilizing first morning pee and the line ought to get bolder as more hCG gathers. Note that a couple of remedy ripeness medications intended to instigate ovulation may contain hCG and reason a "false positive" result. Thusly, on the off chance that you are taking ripeness medications, inquire as to whether they contain hCG. Clomid, the most generally recommended medication for ripeness, does not contain the pregnancy hormone.

What is HCG